" My son Warren, who is now 18 years old, has suffered a mild hearing loss since the age of 2 years old. Whenever Warren gets a cold, his hearing is severely compromised to the point of him missing school. Due to Warren's age he was very self-conscious about wearing a regular hearing aid. Dr Roufos, being understanding of this matter went above and beyond to get Warren into the Lyric program. Lyric is a hearing device that is inserted into the ears. The very first instant the device was inserted into my son's ears he was a new person.He began to hear sounds that he had never heard before. Sounds such as a chirping cricket, a buzzing door bell, the sound of his own heart beat and I can go on and on. Each time my son describes a new sound I just burst into tears. Thanks to Dr. Roufos and her team my son is now a part of the hearing world. "
Maxine written on behalf of her son Warren, age 18

" Ongoing, comprehensive and accurate audiological testing is critical to my treatment regimen to save my hearing. The testing you have done has always been done with care, accuracy and professionalism and perhaps most importantly, you take the time to see that it is always so and for this I thank you "
Paul, age 63

" Dr Roufos is a wonderful audiologist. Her past experiences working with the deaf, enable her to find the best solution(s) for your hearing problems. She is very thorough in her examination and listens to her patient's concerns. When she is fitting you with your hearing device, it will be very interactive because she wants to make sure the fit is good and you reap the most benefit from the device(s). It is also very easy to talk with her and she is very accommodating when you need adjustments. I have used other audiologists but Dr. Roufos is the best! "
Luba, age 63